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Motivate each patient to reach his or her potential and exceed the expectations of each referring physician

  • Use a positive and outcomes-based approach to find baseline objective measurements and then use those findings to motivate each patient to reach his/her goals
  • Use a team approach to allow all involved to stay connected and assist in the rehabilitation process
    • Referring physician, patient, therapists and family members
  • Use a comprehensive approach to maximize each patient's function
  • Foster patient independence
  • Assure that patients are accountable and fulfill their responsibilities
  • Provide the best care under the guidelines of each referring physician
  • Our goals at Labell & Associates Physical Therapy LLC are to return an injured patient to his or her prior level and maximize the patient’s function
  • We will develop a treatment program specific to each patient’s needs
  • We will provide the education, clinical skills, motivation, and care necessary to help each patient achieve his or her goals while having fun
    • 10+ Year relationship of successfully treating spine patients
    • Articles about Spine Center approach

Important Numbers
1326114703       NPI#
978-948-5511    phone
978-948-5515    fax

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